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        1. 0086 391 3299607

          Jiaozuo Debon Technology Co., Ltd

          With advanced production equipment and innovative product process for your choice

          Since the foundation, JIAOZUO DEBON TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. has been dedicated to the development of industrial rubber, polyurethane, wear resistant ceramic, etc. Our offering covers wear-resistant rubbe...... 【More】

          • Exceed 150 People

            Talent Team

          • Exceed 50 Mu

            Area Covered

          • Exceed 19000 Square Metre

            Plant Area

          • Build Factory 19 Year

            Production Experience

          Key Advantages

          Products for Mining, Port, Metallurgy, Chemical and other industries.

          • 規模優勢
          • 01

            Production Capacity Advantage

            High Efficiency Production and Fast Delivery

            1. Advanced production line for rubber sheet, polyurethane products and ceramics.

            2. Senior talents takes over 25% of the staff. Annual value of production is over 15 million USD.

            3. Dedicated to R&D and production of wear liners, noise reduction and dust suppression.

          • 品牌優勢
          • 02

            Brand Advantage

            High Efficiency Production and Fast Delivery

            -The company dedicates to R&D, production and application of wear resistant products since establishment in 2001.

            -It is certified ISO9001 and Safety Certificate of Approval for mining Products as well as some Letters Patents.

            -Consistent quality and good brand image based on reliable R&D team and technical advantages.

            -Long-term relationship with many well-known Mining & Energy enterprises both domestic and overseas.

          • 服務優勢
          • 03

            Product Advantages

            High Efficiency Production and Fast Delivery

            1. Complete production chain, and production process of ceramics, rubber and polyurethane as well as technology of bonding are all company-owned.

            2. Fully-equipped testing and inspection equipment. Real-time inspection and good management of QC team ensure products quality and consistency.

            3. Less then 5% defect rate and defective products are not released from the factory.

          • 客戶至上,貼心服務
          • 04

            Service Advantages

            High Efficiency Production and Fast Delivery

            1. Specific pre-sale technology support to work out ideal solution.

            2. Customized products for your facilities.

            3. Tailor-made solutions based on particular applications, site visits and discussion with clients.

            4. Good after sale services. And we provide technical training in our factory or on-site.

            5. Improve your productivity by prolonging the service life of facilities and reducing downtime.

          Successful Case

          Customized products and services as per customer requirements.


          Custom design, tailor-made and production as per customer’s specific requirement.

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